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IQ Option: specialist broker in binary options 

IQ Option is an online trading platform that, to this day, totals over 11 million users across the world. More than 3 million trades are carried out every day via the platform whose revenues are constantly increasing.

Some of the advantages this broker can boast are how quickly it carries out orders, outstanding customer service and exceptionally speedy processing of money withdrawal requests. Its assets place it at the forefront of the online trading market, currently active in over 178 countries spread across the 5 continents. As market leader, IQ Option has been able to establish a strong and diverse network of international partners. This network offers many advantages to platform users. In addition, IQ Option has been presented with numerous awards in the online trading field, an acknowledgement of the quality of the services provided to its clients.

IQ Option specializes in the trading of binary options, in other words in trades based on the increase or decrease of an index within a limited time-frame. Binary options are derivative financial instruments based on assets that include currencies, indices or even shares. IQ Option receives a commission on each transaction. Leverage on binary option transactions is substantial and can result in revenues of up to 85%.

On its website, IQ Option organizes tournaments rewarded by prizes that can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. The idea is that IQ Option online traders can compete against each other to compare their trading strategies. Each tournament has an access fee and a fictitious amount is given to each participant. The goal is for the participants to grow their money as best they can. Several tournaments are thus organized every month around different types of trading.

Educational materials are available to the traders so that they can improve their market and online trading knowledge, in particular online trading of binary options. Various video tutorials are thus available online, each of which explores a specific theme, such as certain trading indicators or models. The tutorials also enable users to get acquainted with how the online trading platform works, even before they have opened an account with IQ Option. It is also possible to open a free demo account before deciding to delve into the world of binary option trading with IQ Option.

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