Binary options robot: What is automatic trading?

Over the last few months, automatic trading, also known as a trading robot, emerges in search engine results related to binary options searches. However for a trader just beginning in the trading environment, trading robots may seem confusing and it is necessary to learn about this trading tool in order to use it wisely.

What is automatic trading? It’s software provided by binary options brokers that allows a robot to place trades automatically without human intervention. The trader has to program the robot, which will do the work for you by imitating the positions of the best traders on the trading platform.

Automatic trading has already existed in Forex trading for a while through MetaTrader, which is a trading platform with advanced features. However, automatic trading seems to catching on slowly in binary options trading.

In fact, due to the recent nature of binary options, the overwhelming majority of binary options brokers haven’t yet adapted the automatic trading system to their platforms. Nonetheless, automated trading solutions compatible with certain brokers’ trading platforms already exist.
Additionally, we know that certain websites offer 100% free trading software compatible with binary options brokers like Stockpair, Topoption and OptionWeb. To access this kind of trading software, you can simply buy it and download it.

That said, we are not in a position to recommend an automatic trading software. Always be wary of advertising that promises you the moon. In fact, there are a number of trading robots circulating the web that promise very high profits without requiring you to place any trades, by letting the trading robot do the work for you.

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