Trade Tata Motors stock with binary options

Tata Motors Limited is an Indian company specializing in private passenger and professional vehicle manufacturing. The company is part of the Tata Group and it is headquartered in Bombay, in the State of Maharashtra.

Jamshetji Tata founded the company in 1945 with the initial goal to manufacture trains. The first listing of Tata Motors was at the New York Stock Exchange in 2004, and this same year, Tata Motors purchased South Korean Daewoo’s truck division and renamed it Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicles which has become the group’s utility sector. In 2007, the company signed a technology transfer contract Motor Development International, a French company owned by Guy Nègre, in order to produce its compressed air motor in India.

That same year, the company announced a cooperation agreement with Italy’s Fiat, to create an industrial joint venture on Indian soil where passenger vehicles, engines and transmissions would be manufactured, intended for the Indian market and for export. In 2008, the company announced the creation of Tata Nano, an inexpensive car, and on March 26, 2008, American automaker Ford announced the sale of Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors. The cost of the deal officially communicated was $2.3 Billion dollars.

In October 2009, Tata Motors purchased Hispano, the Spanish bus builder. The year 2013 saw the launch of the first vehicle in the world powered by compressed air (with engines designed by French company MDI), named the “Mini CAT” after 5 years of testing and validation of the concept.
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