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About the company: Lufthansa is a German airline and also the largest European airline, in terms of passengers, dethroning Ryanair and Air France-KLM. Lufthansa is the co-founder and European pillar of Star Alliance, and also owns Lufthansa Cargo, and since 2005, Swiss International Air Lines. A Lufthansa subsidiary called Lufthansa Regional controls Aughburg Airways, Lufthansa CityLine and Air Dolomit.

Lufthansa’s history: Lufthansa was founded in Austria in 1926 following the merger of two German companies, and on January 6 of that same year, Erhard Milch was hired and became the first Director. The original name of the company was Deutsche Luft Hansa Aktiengesellschaft before being changed to Lufthansa (Luft is German for air and Hansa refers to the old Hanseatic League which was a commercial organization in Northern Europe in the Middle Ages).

Lufthansa was the first non-US company to launch a new Boeing model. This was the case with the 737-100 version of the Boeing 737 in 1967. On May 17, 2004, it was also the first to use Boeing’s new flight connection system. In 1992, Germany began the process of privatizing the airline, which was completed in 1997.

A few figures: Sales results per activity break down as follows: Firstly, airline transport (passengers, merchandise and courier) makes up 76% of sales. Maintenance and leasing services comprise 16.7% of sales, including airplane, engine and equipment repair, maintenance and rental. The balance of sales comes from on board catering services (6.4%) and IT services (0.9%).

At the end of 2013, the Group owned a fleet of 622 airplanes allocated between Lufthansa German Airlines, Germanwings, Lufthansa CityLine, Air Dolomiti and Eurowings (431), Swiss (94), Austrian Airlines (77) and Lufthansa Cargo (20). The geographical distribution of sales is: Europe (64.9%), North America (14.6%), Asia-Pacific (12.4%), Central and South America (3.6%), Middle East (2.8%) and Africa (1.7%).
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