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LinkedIn is an online social professional network created in Mountain View, California in 2003. The concept of LinkedIn is as follows: it’s an online service that enables a user to build and increase his/her professional network. LinkedIn is defined as a knowledge network that facilitates dialogue between professionals, and users can manage their online reputations with a custom developed management tool.

History of LinkedIn: LinkedIn was created in December 2002 and launched in May 2003 by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue and three other entrepreneurs. Capital is held by many investment funds, such as Greylock, Sequoia Capital, Bessemer, Venture Partners, Bain Capital Venture and its’ European founders. In October 2008, the McGraw Hill Companies and SAP also had capital with LinkedIn, and it was also the year when LinkedIn started its’ European implantation strategy.

Some LinkedIn numbers: There are 300 million LinkedIn users all over the world, of which 64% are outside of the US. LinkedIn is found in more than 200 countries and gets two new registrations per second. As a comparison, it’s French competitor Viadeo had about 50 million users in December 2012, while XING, the German professional network, had 13 million users at that same time.

LinkedIn’s biggest trends: After the US, which has 100 million users, the countries most represented are India, Brazil, Great Britain and Canada. The most represented business sectors are those related to new technologies, followed by hospital services, health and construction. Connecting to the site via smartphone has grown enormously and LinkedIn announced that in 2014, more than 50% of its’ traffic was through mobile phones.

Of note, in many countries like the UK, UAE and Singapore, people access LinkedIn predominately via mobile devices. The social network intends to build upon this momentum, and it aims to connect every employee on the planet, which is currently 3.3 billion people*

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*Source: Eureka Presse


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