How much should you invest when starting out with binary options?

Making a deposit is the first step in the trading journey, however our visitors have many questions concerning the ideal amount to invest on a binary options broker platform. The amount to invest depends upon many factors:

What services would you like?

The binary options brokers found in our comparison provide personalized services as needed such as training, trading signals and regularly updated info bulletins. Services increase in proportion to the amount you deposit; you can take advantage of personalized services and customized support in your trading journey: Options brokers offer different accounts according to the amount invested; investing a substantial amount enables you to take advantage of a number of services.

Think about your needs carefully before making your deposit. Training is an important element to enable you to be successful in your trading ventures. Take time to do research about the binary options broker in which you are considering investing, and review the kinds of accounts available and services provided for the amount you plan to invest.

What will be my money management strategy?

Depending upon the amount of your deposit, a money management strategy will be necessary, so consider the number of positions you wish to place. A €500 deposit is a good compromise when starting out in binary options. It gives you the ability to diversify risks and not put all your eggs into one basket.

In fact, investing a substantial amount according to your financial means will enable you to perform multiple trades to increase your chances to make a profit. Carefully consider how much you wish to invest for each position and the number of underlying assets you want to trade, such as raw materials, currencies, stocks and indexes. Don’t hesitate to interact with other traders in our discussion forum to get valuable advice!

Do I need to invest a substantial sum to start?

You are not required to invest large sums in order to start trading binary options. In fact, the majority of brokers found in our comparison accept a minimum deposit of €200, which is ideal for small budgets or your first time trading binary options for real.


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