Binary options strategy: Trade Reuters stock with binary options

Reuters is a press agency created in London in 1851, made up of 2400 journalists, editors, photographers and cameramen. This press agency is best known for broadcasting economic and financial information, and the revenue generated by this sector represents a significant part of Reuters’ total revenues.

Reuters’ initial public offering took place in London in 1984 and generated £52 Million. This IPO enabled Reuters to make new acquisitions in the technology sector in order to continue its’ expansion. In 2007, Canadian company Thomson Financial purchased Reuters, and it is now known as Thomson Reuters.

Tom Glocer took the reigns at Reuters in 2001, making him the first American and non-journalist to lead this famous British press agency. In 2002, Reuters implemented the “Fast Forward” program, which reduced the workforce and saw the closure of several sites. Between 2001 and 2005, the agency’s activity decreased and the stock price went from £17 in 2000 to less than one pound three years later. In 2007, Reuters was bought for $17.2 Billion by the Canadian Thomson Group, thus owning 53% of capital.

Reuters’s sources of revenue: The Reuters agency generates a large part of its’ revenues by selling financial information to investment banks and targeting back offices by providing reference data and closing prices of market companies. At the same time, Thomson Reuters earns a part of its’ revenues from subscriptions to reference data and closing prices for back offices, as well as for display systems and decision support systems installed on traders’ desktops.

Reuters and binary options brokers: The Reuters agency plays an important role in binary options trading. Brokers make available trading courses provided by Reuters, whose reputation is stellar in the trading world. In fact, a broker using Reuters’ data guarantees efficiency and safety for any trader looking to trade on a reliable platform with 100% accurate statistics.

You can trade Reuters stock on the binary options broker platforms found in our comparison guide. This gives you the wonderful opportunity to trade on the stock price increase or decrease with the support of dedicated professionals who will help you get familiarized in ideal conditions to ensure you have a successful trading journey. Also keep in mind that all the brokers found in our rankings are regulated, so rest assured that you are trading Reuters stock on a secure, reliable platform, which uses 100% accurate data.


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