Trade Twitter stock with binary options

Twitter is a microblogging service implemented by Twitter Inc., which enables users to send free messages on the web, called “tweets”. These tweets are in the form of SMS or instant messaging, and are limited to 140 characters in length.

The creation of Twitter: The company was created on March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey and it quickly gained popularity amongst internet users, attaining almost 500 million users by February 2012. The company’s headquarters are in San Francisco and there are satellite offices in New York which house Twitter Inc.’s servers.

The start up company Odeo owned by Noah Glass and Evan Williams is responsible for Twitter’s origins. Glass had commercialized an application that allowed smartphone users to attach audio files to a blog, while Williams was the cofounder of Pyra Labs – creator of the “Blogger” blog platform which was purchased by Google in 2003.

Twitter financing: Twitter had an initial public offering in 2007 supported by investment firms Union Square Ventures and Charles Rivers Ventures as well as several business angels, Marc Andreessen (founder of Netscape), Ron Convay (one of Google’s first bankers), and many others. These first two fundraising efforts generated between $5.4 and $15 Million for Twitter. Another public offering helped raise nearly $35 Million.

Twitter’s financial valuation: At the end of 2008, Twitter was worth between $5-$10 billion, based upon the service’s potential. In September 2009, a new appeal for funding brought the value of Twitter to $1 Billion. Again in 2010 another public offering raised Twitter’s value to $3.7 Billion and by 2011 to $7 Billion.

Initial public offering: In 2013, Twitter published its’ initial public offering (IPO). The social network had 555 million shares outstanding, fixed at $26 per share with a value of $14.4 Billion (10.8 Billion Euros).


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