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Among traders there is a growing craze for binary options. In fact this revolutionary trading method has significantly altered the online trading market. Debates have ignited about the legitimacy of binary options trading, often considered by its’ detractors as being nothing more than online gambling and the latest bargain offered by casinos in search of new opportunities.

The legitimacy of binary options: Binary options are now legitimate. More and more brokers offer demo accounts and the binary options market is regulated with a heavy hand. This regulation helps you distinguish between good and bad brokers and imposes strict norms upon licensed binary options brokers, such as the requirements to have segregated accounts, controls against money-laundering and fraud, fast withdrawals of earnings and document verification procedures to combat identity theft. When it comes to legitimacy, binary options are now at the same level as other financial products.

Give your opinion about binary options! Our discussion forum is provided for this purpose – so that you can share your opinion on binary options! Our dynamic trading community is an interactive way that you can exchange thoughts and questions with seasoned traders who have more experience in binary options trading!

The team is mobilized against scams : Unfortunately dishonest and unscrupulous brokers still exist on the internet and don’t hesitate to mislead novice traders with bad advice or delaying withdrawals of earnings. We work everyday to improve the image of binary options by promoting honest brokers whose reputations are well established!

In conclusion, we expect you to take an active role in our discussion forum so that the truth can be established for everyone to have a positive opinion of binary options. We are also open to any suggestions to improve our website to provide the best tools and advice, so everyone is successful with their trading and can learn the truth about binary options!


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