Trade BNP-Paribas stock with binary options

About the company: BNP Paribas was founded in 2000 as a result of the merger between BNP (Banque nationale de Paris) and Paribas. It is a French banking group. BNP-Paribas stock is listed on the CAC 40 index and the Paris Euronext. The BNP-Paribas company earned a net result of $1.965 Billion Euros and a $42,384 Billion Euro turnover in 2011.

BNP-PARIBAS activities: BNP PARIBAS focuses on three sectors, retail banking (53.8% of GNP*), investment banking (27.3% of GNP) and financial engineering (14.1 % of GNP).

How to trade BNP-Paribas stock with binary options: To trade BNP-Paribas stock, it is recommended to do a fundamental analysis: To learn more, click here. Technical analysis would also be very useful in order to determine BNP-Paribas’ stock trend in relation to binary options.


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