Binary options strategy: Trade BP stock with binary options

About BP: The BP company (formerly known as British Petroleum then BPAmoco), was founded in 1909, and specializes in research, extraction, refining and commercialization of petroleum. This followed the discovery of an oil deposit in Iran in May 1908, by founder William Know d’Arcy. He originally founded the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, which was created in order to operate there.

BP’s activities: BP is one of the first groups in the petroleum industry. Business figures breakdown as follows:

– Refining and distribution represent 81.4% of business activity: There were 7.3 million barrels of crude petroleum and refined products sold each day in 2001. At 2001 year-end, the group operated 16 refineries and owned a network of almost 21,800 service stations.
– Exploration and production of hydrocarbons represent 17.9% of business activity: petroleum (1 million barrels produced per day) and natural gas (180.9 million m3 produced per day).
– Other activities: 0.7%.

BP’s shareholders: BP’s main shareholders are JP Morgan Chase Bank, with 26.01%, with Blackrock (5.72%) and finally Legal and General group (3.72%).

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