Trader Boeing stock with binary options

About the Boeing Company: The Boeing Corporation was founded in 1916 in Chicago, and it is one of the primary aeronautics manufacturers in the world. Its’ main competitors are Airbus SA and Lockheed Martin. Boeing specializes in military and space aeronautics in addition to civil aviation.
Boeing’s activities: Boeing’s business activities are divided as follows:

– 59.7% of earnings comes from commercial aviation: from technical support services, maintenance, engineering and replacement parts.
– 39.6% of earnings come from defense contracts like military planes, mobility systems, (war planes, defense helicopters and missiles). Support services and space equipment represent a non-negligible part of the defense sector.

Boeing’s geographic distribution: Boeing Corporation has locations all over the world, as evidenced in their business earnings: In fact, 61% of activities take place in the US, 13% in Europe, and 12% in Asia.

Boeing stock evolution: The Boeing Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and also on the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange. The stock was at $58.38 in February 2005 on the NYSE, and the price continued to increase until September 2007, reaching a high of $104.99. After that, the stock declined to a low of $30.10. Since 2009, Boeing stock has doubled to reach $63.59 as of the beginning of 2010.

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