Trade Bitcoins with binary options

Binary options provide a wonderful opportunity to trade on a variety of underlying assets, and right now, bitcoins are all the rage in the trading world as investors are more and more attracted to this underlying asset. A number of businesses now accept payments in bitcoins; in fact this method is rapidly gaining popularity. You have certainly heard about this virtual money that is making headlines. Here is an explanation of this online currency that is gaining power in the trading world.

What is a Bitcoin?
Created in January 2009, the bitcoin appeared after the world financial crisis. It is universal electronic money and isn’t considered legal tender in any country. To get bitcoins there is no need to use traditional banking methods. It is fully autonomous electronic money.

How does a Bitcoin work? The bitcoin works on a “peer to peer” basis, similar to the BitTorrent network. To use this electronic money, the user must download an open database, identifying all the bitcoin monetary transactions since its’ inception. The acquirer is assigned a bitcoin address, which is the equivalent of a virtual bank account, and is protected by a private key encryption system.

Trade Bitcoins with binary options: Binary options brokers are starting to take interest in Bitcoins. You can find binary options brokers who offer bitcoins trading on our regularly updated blog. Speculating on bitcoins with binary options is similar to dealing with any other underlying asset (the price increases or it decreases) and it helps to diversify your trades!

Trade on this new asset by making a deposit now!


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