Litigation with binary option : What should I do in a litigation with a broker ? (second part)

In the second part, the team of will give you the best advices to resolve your litigation, if this one is still not resolved, despite of our advices given in the first part.

In most of cases, problems are resolved because we take care to promote only reliable and serious broker. We also do our best to promote broker that are regulated (CYSEC,AMF,FSA licenses).

Amicably resolution : the first action that you can try is to try to amicably resolve your problem with the broker. In most of cases, litigation can be amicably resolved, but in other cases, you should have the reflex to save your conversation history and screenshot for more proof.

Contact us : The team, is ready to help you in your litigation. We are directly speaking with brokers and we have the possibility to try an amicably resolution : speak on our forum or contact us directly.

For broker which aren’t in our comparator, the┬á team is ready to aid you with any way, you have the possibility to interact in our forum by giving us your feedback.

– You can also try an amicably resolution with the broker.

– In case the amicably resolution fail we invite you to speak with the FSA ( financial services authority ), this institution have a juridical branch which can help you in your process.

– In the same time you can contact a consumer organization. A membership fee can be asked, consumer organization are accustomed to resolve such litigation between traders and online broker.

– If the process fail, a claim can be filled in local police office, and in the same time it’s advised to write to the prosecutor.

To avoid any problems, choose a broker in our ranking, all broker present in our comparator are reliables and serious : they are regulated or will be in close future !


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