Litigation with binary option : What should I do in a litigation with a broker ? (first part)

A litigation with a broker is never a fun part of trading indeed, when we desire to withdraw funds and that the broker refuses, it’s necessary to ask ourself a series of questions :

Do I have entirely read the broker Terms of utilizations ? When a broker refuses to give back funds, it’s possible that withdraw Terms of utilizations aren’t respected: To know more about thisĀ : click here.

Indeed, broker require a minimum amount of trades before fund withdraw, furthermore, for welcome bonus it is necessary to read the Terms of mutilation where broker set up rules to have them : In such case it can be a lack of communication or a misunderstand with the broker.

Do I have transmitted all necessary documents ? in order to fight against money laundering or embezzlement or identity thieving, brokers ask during money withdraw or all funds withdraws, identity documents, proof of residence and a photocopy of the credit card.

A withdraw request can be done online and will be blocked if documents aren’t transmitted : It’s a necessary task to take back its money.
In in those cases your litigation is still not resolved.

In in those cases your litigation is still not resolved : click here to know the correct path to follow


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