How reliable is the broker?

This is a common question that many of you have asked: “How do I chose a reliable binary options investment platform?”

In all honesty, the answer isn’t a quick and easy one because each investor will have their own point of view on a broker based upon their personal experience.

Here is a list of elements and criteria to consider when you select an options broker:

1 – How established is the broker?

Important considerations are the broker’s experience and their stability over the progress of time. Choosing an established and recognized broker is a sure bet.

Having said that, just because a broker has been in business for only a few years doesn’t mean it isn’t reliable. Binary options have only recently been available in France so it is normal that the majority of brokers are relatively new.

2 – Is the broker regulated?

This is another important aspect. Be sure to verify that a recognized financial authority regulates your broker. This way, you are assured that the broker adheres to certain criteria and norms in the trading environment. Among the regulatory authorities who oversee binary options brokers are the AMF, FSA, NFA, CySEC, MFSA and DFSA.

3 – What is the opinion of investors?

Here’s something to take with a grain of salt: We see anything and everything on our discussion forum, from false testimonies to those criticizing their brokers, so always read these opinions with an open mind.

Other customers’ suggestions are always useful as they enable you to get a balanced view of the broker, and prove beneficial when making your selection.


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