Initial investment: Begin investing in binary options with your first deposit

Binary options’ trading is an exceptional way to generate profits over the short-term. However for new investors, it is necessary to learn a little bit about binary options in order to understand how they function.

There are several secure ways to start investing in binary options, from opening a demo account on a broker’s financial platform to starting immediately with a small initial investment. But how much?

Binary options are available to seasoned investors and new investors with a limited budget. It is possible to start with small sums, but it is advised to not make a trade that represents more than 10% of the amount in your deposit account, keeping in mind that the majority of brokers require a minimum deposit of $100 or $200.

As an example, you make an initial deposit of $200 but the minimum trade is $40; you will only have five trades. This scenario is more suited to the seasoned investor. A beginner faces a greater risk to lose and to not recuperate the initial deposit with a profit. It would be wiser for a beginner to invest a more significant amount so that more trades are available. This will increase the chance to generate profit and recoup the initial investment.

As you can see, figuring out the right starting amount is very important. Selecting a small amount can be advantageous if the amount of the trade isn’t significant, but the more the trades you are able to make, the greater your chance of profits.

Binary options investing can result in profits ranging from 70% to 89% on one trade, depending upon the broker. Take a look at our binary options broker comparison tool. Open your account and start trading right away!


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