Currency trading: Use binary options to speculate on the Euro/Dollar pair

The US dollar is the legal tender most exchanged on the currency markets, especially on financial markets such as the Forex.

The US dollar has an advantage distinguishing it from other currencies: Its’ strong liquidity results in its’ popularity on the European and Asian markets and not just on the US markets.

After an amendment to the Bretton Woods Conference, the dollar has replaced gold in the international monetary system. In the world of investing, the dollar is the most popular currency due to the essential role of the US in the global economy. In fact, the US controls a quarter of all international financial transactions.

Fluctuations in the dollar are directly linked to the behavior of the American financial markets. You should be fully aware of the opening and closing hours of the various markets if you are considering trading on the dollar.

In the American markets you can observe operations on the US dollar. In fact it’s on these same markets that the best information is available to trade with success on this currency. Similar to European markets, the deviations of value between currency pairs are less significant. The stability of the European market secures the operations of beginning traders, so the risks are less.

Stock options on the US dollar can generate profits. It’s not just a matter of investing on the dollar, but also to realize gains by betting on a couple of accurate currencies.

Within these type of operations, the Pound Sterling and the Yen are often combined with the dollar. In fact, the amplitude of these currency pairs proves interesting and the differential between the gains and risks are attractive. However, the risk is more significant when dealing with the Euro/Dollar pair.

The position of these currencies on the monetary markets correlates to the risk. They are prone to significant variations, so lucrative profits arise if the trend predicted is accurate; but the risks can prove very significant as well.

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