How to chose a broker

Binary options’ trading has become more and more popular in the world . Representing an easy, accessible alternative when compared to traditional investing, binary options have seduced those who seek lucrative investments, including investing professionals and beginners alike.

Selecting the right broker can help you avoid confusion, as there are a myriad of offers out there. Below, you will find a list of things you should consider when selecting a broker.

1 – Minimum deposit:

The minimum deposit required when you open your account. This can range between 100 Euros to 200 Euros depending upon the broker. Some brokers require no deposit.

2 – Maximum gain or profit provided:

This is the maximum gain permissible on the trading interface. The best brokers provide gains of up to 85% per hour.
Example: If you invest 100€, your maximum gain will be 85€.

3 – Welcome offer:

This welcome bonus is provided to you on your first deposit. For example, if a broker is offering a 30% welcome bonus, you will get 30€ on your 100€ deposit.

4 – Available resources:

To be a good trader, you must stay up-to-date about the general economic climate of the financial markets and recent trends. Having access to a newsletter or any type of regular information supply is important.

5 – Availability of customer support:

Here is another important point: A broker must be available to advise you in case of any problems or the slightest of doubts.


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